Accounting outsourcing

Would you like to minimize your manufacturing expenses? There is an excellent solution – accounting outsourcing.

Accounting outsourcing involves assignment of functions to a professional company.

Make your decision and visit us at ASB Consult!

By choosing our services you get the following benefits:

full material responsibility: ASB Consult assumes all financial risks referring to accounting;

cost-effectiveness: ASB Consult will help you reduce accounting expenses without the need to staff accountants, purchase dedicated software, rent offices, subscribe to official periodic publications, upgrade legal reference systems etc. You can receive all of these from us;

timeliness and consistency: reports will be delivered to you in a proper manner and on time;

high level of professionalism: our employees have a long track record of accounting services to companies;

custom-tailored approach: We will carefully examine and analyze your business based on the taxation system, document flow, types of activities, number of full-time employees and other peculiarities of your company. And should any problems arise, we will direct inquiries to financial and tax authorities to receive official interpretation of taxation issues in your particular case. If it becomes necessary to reconstruct financial accounts and acquire specific consultations, ASB Consult will be there to help you as well;

ASB Consult will improve your market reputation and increase your brand value as a result of good service.

If there is something you do better than others, do it yourself, and let out-of-house performers do something they are good in!

Your success is our goal!


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