Foreign trade consulting

Foreign trade consulting by ASB Consult (with highly qualified specialists from Belarusbank and Artzinger & Partners involved) may include:

- making the customer aware of the basic products offered by the Bank in foreign trade financing;

- drafting of a foreign trade contract under transaction arranged by the customer;

- legal examination of the draft foreign trade contract offered to the customer by the contractor under the arranged foreign trade transaction;

- drawing up recommendations referring to the terms of the foreign trade contract that help to minimize the customer’s risks related to contract performance; providing explanations referring to exchange operations;

- providing support to the customer during talks with the supplier of equipment, services and other contractors, including shippers and insurers;

- checking consistency of arbitration clauses and assessment of possibility for acknowledgement and execution of foreign court rulings and arbitration awards made in disputes resulting from the foreign trade contracts analyzed;

- supplying necessary contact details to the customer for further cooperation with a particular institution of the Bank;

- consulting of residents as to fund raising on foreign markets may include supply of information on the present state of foreign financial markets, international fundraising opportunities in terms of financing instruments, their cost, terms and conditions, existing legal standards, individual requirements of foreign investors to financed transactions etc.

- consulting of non-residents regarding project implementation in the Republic of Belarus may involve explanations of individual statutory provisions of the Republic of Belarus applied to implemented projects, in particular those associated with income taxation for non-residents, elaboration of recommendations for foreign trade contracts, company financial analysis, assistance in selecting appropriate financing facility for a foreign trade contract, preparation of a feasibility study necessary for bank lending, assessment of mortgage security capabilities.

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