Consulting services in Minsk

ASB Consult is a part of Belarusbank holding, the largest bank in the Republic of Belarus. The company was founded on May 27, 2015 and, although young, it has gathered professionals eager to provide expert assistance in support of your business.

Your success is our aim!

The motivation to create a consulting company was the growing demand for business conduct and promotion services for small and medium-sized enterprises. Based on market needs, we have identified the main directions of the company’s activities: advising clients on a wide range of issues in the field of accounting and auditing, property assessment, human resources support, organization of business seminars, conferences and more. Legal services are provided in cooperation with Arzinger& Partners.

Our main task is to make your business successful and profitable!

What is business consulting for?

Consulting implies a skilled advisory and selection of the right decisions in a particular situation and may be carried out in various fields. Our company has committed itself to business consulting. We cover a wide range of areas to find a solution to any problem and create a positive climate in your company.

Relying on years of experience our team will give you a helpful advice and intelligent tools for the long-term success. We adhere to progressive solutions and unconventional thinking that sets us apart from other consulting market participants.

We will review and give you an opportunity to rethink the business strategy and the business model which you have been guided by before coming to us. We will help you draw up a long-term plan indispensably beneficial for your business.

Consulting services in Minsk. Why us?

Not only companies which are on the verge of bankruptcy need professional advice on how to conduct business, but also the companies that seek to reach a new level, to find the right strategy to generate more sales and profits or to restructure. Only experienced professionals are able to cope with the issues of that scale. It is also necessary to pay attention to the construction of business from scratch and while for beginners it is a particularly complex process that requires a lot of knowledge and selection of a right concept, for our experts developing a business plan is routine.

Experienced professionals from ASB Consult will help identify the “pitfalls” of your business, correct and prevent problems arising from the implementation of a project. By using our services your company will be able to act promptly in ever-changing market.

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